East Texas University - Class of 2020

A Jury of Robots - Live at the Raven's Nest

Freshman Only!


All the way from Dallas, Texas, come see A Jury of Robots. All Freshman are free. Student ID is necessary for entry into the event. No sophomores, juniors, or seniors allowed (unless working as a volunteer). Also remember that since this is a school event, there is no booze, beer, or extracurricular drugs of any kind allowed into the Raven’s Nest.

Go Ravens!


Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!
I have this one friend, Trisha, not the Trisha Jones that does the new student stuff, but like this other Trisha, from high school, who said that her cousin, like Doug something, like, he’s 21 and stuff, said like that he saw these guys play a concert once in a bar, like, in Austin or someplace. And he said that they are really awesome and stuff! Like really really good! Isn’t this sooo awesome!? I’m suuuuuuper excited!
(cute squeal)
Go Ravens!


Auugh! FINE! I’ll go!
But don’t you think its a little beneath us though? I mean we ARE in COLLEGE now. Everyone is supposed to be smarter than just listening to some dumb cover band.
Whats up with that name anyway? A Jury of robots? Are there 12 of them? That’s a pretty big band. Maybe its supposed to be a group collective name, you know, like a gaggle of geese; or a murder of crows.
Yeah, a murder of crows, that’s what its called. Not a flock. Yeah Really.
Anyway, I think a better name for a group of robots would be…. hmm… a matrix of robots! Or… a borg of robots! Yeah! Maybe a Transformer of robots? Hey! Wait up! I’m coming!


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