East Texas University - Class of 2020

Recap of End of Freshman Year Session

Field trips, brujas, and finals....oh my!

After midterms, the students decided it was time for a little needed exploration and relaxation, so they decided to take a quick jaunt down to Mexico to explore some strange Mayan temples that were recently discovered. A quick hop on a bus and two days later, the students ended up in a small town in Mexico only to find out that the teacher they were to meet wasn’t there to greet them. So what did our fearless Freshman do? Some ate tacos, bought knives or trinkets, and some even drank the local poison from the town watering hole. Nothing much happened, but one thing they did discover was that no one wanted them to go to the mountain..because of the “bruja” of the mountain!

Once up the mountain, they discovered the site to be deserted and empty. Where had everyone gone? Through some investigating and quality noticing skills, they discovered writings and drawings of the bruja, which they assumed dispatched the dig site workers. Sadly, there was no time to head back down the mountain due to the setting sun and a truck with no lights, so they all hunkered down for the night until the bruja struck. It attacked poor Doctor Dougherty, drinking his blood. The students (Zoe and Chet in particular) were scared half to death by her deformed body and ugly appearance, but still everyone fought on, finally getting the upper hand and shooting the bruja to dust. Sadly, with no real evidence of the encounter or relics from the strange Mayan temples, not many answers were found to the many questions that plagued our heroes.

After returning, they found that real problems also haunted the students of ETU. Namely, a stalker named Johnny Chaff who was spending all his time watching Chet’s girlfriend’s roommate, Missy. Missy had complained that a boy she liked was hospitalized for bee stings, but found it strange because the bees weren’t local. It also happened after her boy had a talk with Johnny about leaving her alone. It didn’t take long for the gang to hunt him down and give him a stern talking to, but that only angered Johnny. To find out more about him, Molly and Chet broke into his dorm room to see what made this guy so strange, but instead of finding much, they were attacked by a swarm of angry bugs. One fire alarm pull later, they were out of there with some small clues about Johnny’s obsession with bugs.

A frantic call from Jackson Green postponed the “bug boy” hunt. He was in trouble and needed help from the sound of it. Everyone rushed to his rental house, but all they discovered was carnage, blood on the carpet, and more of the strange quills that they had discovered in the past. Police radios alerted them to another sighting of the “boogy man” on campus. Alas, it was poor Missy who was traumatized, but it wasn’t by Johnny this time. It was some sort of creature that she saw near the greenhouses on campus. More blood splatters directed the team to a dilapidated greenhouse full of tropical plants, and there in the back was the Needler, hovering over another victim that was dying at it’s feet. Molly wasted no time pulling her revolver out and leveled it at the monster. “Eat a dick,” she said as she pulled the trigger, releasing the round straight into it’s skull, dropping it dead in one single shot. The victim also died soon after, having been gutted by the monster, and with more investigations, they soon discovered body after body (some old, some new) hidden in the foliage that surrounded them. Glen Mac and the police arrived, hoping to find Jackson, but he was no where to be seen.

Once the area was cleared, by the police, a mysterious fire burned the building to the ground, leaving no evidence of any monster that had haunted the campus over the last year. “Yet another mystery to solve,” thought the young detectives, but the two days later they were surprised by yet another mystery. A package arrived, postmarked the day after Jackson’s disappearance, with no return address. Within it was a black and white group portrait from the 1950’s. One figure stands out to Hank as he recognizes Nina, the young woman who appeared as a ghost to him in the Roost, along with a note that said, “Keep it safe. Keep it secret?”

What secret is it that needs to be kept safe? Are there more of these ghastly quilled monsters lurking around ETU? And what of “bug boy” Johnny? Will he be back to get even with the gang? And is Jackson Green alive or dead?" So many questions plague our heroes, but you’ll have to wait to find out what happens… on your Sophomore Year at ETU!



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