School President James Nelsen

President of East Texas University


A cheerful and elderly caucasian man with grey hair and a well trimmed beard who usually dresses in dress clothes and a tweed jacket. Smokes from a pipe on a regular basis. Never seems to be in a bad mood.


Being an alumni of ETU, James Nelsen felt called to help continue the quality educating that he went through as a student. After finishing his Masters in History, he began teaching ancient civilizations courses at the college. In the late 1990s, he was asked to step up and take the mantle of President after the passing of his predecessor, Paul Patterson. Since his stepping into the role of president of ETU, the schools reputation has grown and just recently was awarded the highest rank that a university can achieve. Now in his 70s, he has been the President of ETU for more than 15 years. To the community at ETU, he is a somewhat absentminded, grandfatherly figure, but he is loved and respected by the staff and students of the university. Nelsen prides himself on greeting students by name as he walks across the campus. In truth, he rarely gets them right, but few ever correct him due to their love and admiration for their university president.

School President James Nelsen

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