Trisha Jones

Young, spunky, and your go to for all new ETU campus news and activities.


Starting her junior year, Trisha is a model ETU student. Faculty have asked her to be one of many students on the freshmen welcoming committee. Since she is involved in many of the goings on at the university (music shows, sororities, sporting events, etc.), she is perfect for the job. Also, being an attractive young lady, she’s a big hit with the incoming males. Any time you have questions, she is your go to for all things ETU.


After graduating from Pine Box High School in 2013, she decided to stay close to home and apply to go to ETU. She is one of many “local” kids who are enrolled at ETU, and knows a lot about the surrounding areas, the city of Pine Box, and the university. She is a History major, focusing on local and national history, with a minor in music. She really wants to either be a high school teacher or an archaeologist, but she has a few more years to decide before she goes out into the world…or just stays here and becomes a “local” for life.

Trisha Jones

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