East Texas University - Class of 2020

Feeling Lucky?

You know you are.

Ah…college. A time of new experiences, thinking highly of yourself, and moments of sheer and reckless abandon. So how does one bring that feeling into the game?

First, by having a song of inspiration! When your jam comes on the radio, you will instantly be filled with courage and gusto, thus gaining a benny. But this benny has to be used ASAP because once the song is over and gone…so is your benny! But fear not, now there is a special way in which you can keep your benny from disappearing.


That’s right. Bennies can and will explode in ETU. Rather than using the traditional benny system for Savage Worlds, you’ll be using a benny d6. When you decide to use your benny, you roll your d6. On the event of rolling a 6, you keep it! Potentially, it could go on and on forever, but one will never find out until they spend their bennies to become one of the legendary students at ETU.



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