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Review of Night One

Hey guys! Trisha here. Just in case you forgot, this is what has been happening around our campus. And don’t forget, Rush Week is right around the corner. See you all there!

ETU – Year One – Night One

After receiving their ID cards, the students made their way into their dorm rooms. Fellow students buzzed around the halls, excitedly introducing themselves. While numerous stories of strange happenings at ETU circulated through the halls of the dorms (stories of ghosts, a specific area in the forest where nothing grows, a death of a student at a local swimming hole/rock quarry, etc.), conversations were cut short as students rushed to make their way over to the Raven’s Nest for the student orientation and concert.

The gentlemen of the group made their way quickly to the Nest, but while walking to orientation, the ladies were spooked by something in the bushes. Catching a glimpse of a pair of glowing eyes, Molly immediately began snapping photos intent on getting a picture of something abnormal or otherworldly. She crept closer and reached into the bush, only to discover…a stray cat! With squeals of delight and joy, the girls picked up the cat and brought it with them to the Nest.

Once there, the students had to sit through President Nelson’s speech, which went on FOREVER, until they were all split into groups. Students reached under their chairs to discover the numbered group in which they were going to be in, and they all magically pulled the number 12!!!

Down in the basement of the Nest, students learned a valuable lesson. Be a zebra. But even after being told to blend in and not stand out of the crowd, they immediately went out of the room at the first sound of a commotion. There they found a broken camera with a campus officer standing over it. They later discovered that the camera belonged to Professor GlenMac when they ran into him and his trusty sidekick, Jackson Green. Both said they wanted to catch a glimpse of a ghost that had been haunting the Raven’s Nest basement and that they had been on the ghost hunt for the past year. Both ran off to continue their search, but not until Jackson made it clear to the ladies that he was single and ready to mingle.

The sound of the band signaled that the party was in full swing, so the group made it out to gym, but strange things were afoot. For starters, girls usually don’t ever bat an eye at Hank Poorman, but a young lady beckoned him to come over, dance, and sneak away with her to a basement room. She introduces herself as Nina. Hank was intrigued and thought, “Hey, this might be my lucky night!” But it wasn’t. While getting close to this young lady, she whispered in his ear, “You’re all going to burn,” and then quickly burst into flames along with the room they were in. But after seconds passed, she vanished, leaving only the faintest smell of smoke in the air and a burn mark on Hank’s arm.

Other strange things began to happen in the gym as well. The sound from the speakers faded in and out. A cold spot that made a stack of pizza boxes go completely frozen. The poor little cat that was found on the way to orientation dropped its own heart in the lap of one of the girls followed by its immediate death. Bugs crawled out of a spot in the stage. Odd occurrences happened everywhere, but the majority of the students unknowingly danced the night away. But the strangest of all must have been that the janitors didn’t finish their job of cleaning up graffiti on the walls, so our students did what any other quality ETU students would do. Molly and Zoe picked up the mops and continued scrubbing away the odd markings. (Duh! ETU students care about their campus!)

Little did they know, these were actual runes that were created to help send the Raven’s nest up in flames. Seeing his work getting washed away, the security guard from earlier (yes, it was him who broke the camera!) told the kids to stop, but after they continued to scrub the walls, things got a little rough. He must have thought, “They’re just a bunch of girls,” thinking it would be an easy enough task to get rid of them, but they fought back with fierceness and heart, especially the young, vodka fueled, Russian hockey player, Varya Yavlinski.

Meanwhile, down on the dance floor, Sugar and Hank, saw the commotion and rushed to help out, but on the way Hank saw something strange. It was as if someone or some “thing” was forcefully moving towards the fight as well. Although he wasn’t able to catch whatever it was, he moved in to help out the girls. All of the sudden, the invisible thing began to drag the security guard away from the brawl. Some of the group followed and continued to fight while other stayed to put out the fires that had erupted from rune marked walls.

Following closely behind and battling with the invisible foe, the creature finally came into view. Spines covered its sleek back and its fierce teeth snapped as it snarled at the youth that fought to pull back the security guard. (An odd looking Chupacabra!!!) Feeling trapped, it finally broke through the back doors of the Raven’s Nest that were oddly chained shut, thus allowing the group and all of the other students out to freedom from the fire within the gym, bravely led by Chet Sanders, who was seen directing students to freedom.

No one else seemed to notice anything strange that night, and if they did it was all chalked up to “Senior pranks and shenanigans” that always happened during freshman orientation. Never the less, the group was called into President Nelson’s office the following day. Congratulations and warnings were both handed out in his office. The first for the bravery shown by the group in putting out the fire, but the latter for wondering why the students were near the fires in the first place.

It was because of this that President Nelson made Professor GlenMac their mentor for their freshman year. Needless to say, his assistant Jackson Green was really pleased by this decision. “Ladies, ladies, ladies! I do love me the ladies!” he thought to himself as he winked at one of the young ladies as they all all exited President Nelson’s office. “It’s gonna be a good year!”



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