East Texas University - Class of 2020

Rush Week!

Time to find our where you fit in!


What’s up, broski?! It’s your main man Brodi here to tell you all about rush week. I know all you weenies don’t wanna come on out to Rush Week, but you totally should, bro! It’s killer! Woooo! You’ll totally love it! There’s chicks, and beer, and all kinds of crazy initiation stuff to look forward to! And fear not, we’re not all crazy like those North Texas doofbags! No nasty stuff here! Just good ol’ crazy Frat and Sor fun! Wooooo! Just remember, joining a Frat or a Sor is bomb, but don’t do what they always say at that dumb freshman orientation night. We don’t want zebras! No way, bro! We want people who stand out! Yeah, bro! No zebras here! So remember, this Friday is the start of Rush Week! Be there or be an L7 weenie! Woooo!!!!!



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