East Texas University - Class of 2020

Mid Year Testing

Roll your scores!

Mid year tests have happened by now, so we need to do some catching up. Roll your testing skill at home and post your results and a quick word here in the comments.  Did you pass? Or do you fail? 

Third trimester testing will happen first thing when you arrive on Friday. Best of luck.


I got a 3. I studied hard coach, just having troubles with ze english…

Mid Year Testing

Two fails in a row? Sheesh! Having failed two times in a row, Varya will be under a little pressure from the coach to do better. (See failing exams in the players handbook for what happens.)

Mid Year Testing

Exam Roll: 1d6 Wild Die + 1d8 (Upgraded because of my last breakthrough) = 6, Passed my exams!

Passed Exams Chart: 8! Windfall

Helping a professor fix up their muscle car outside of class hours: 9x$25 = $225! A big windfall for a poor student.

Mid Year Testing

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