East Texas University - Class of 2020

Review of ETU: Class of 2020 - Night Two

Rush week, dreams, zombies, and more!

Long after the flames at the Raven’s Nest were doused, the students were still haunted by the happenings and fires that took place on freshman orientation night. Vivid images and feelings filled their dreams, each one effected differently and experiencing a piece of the mystery. Dreams of love and betrayal, fire, being hunted, running and hiding, and more haunted them in their sleep as the weeks passed by.

But one can’t sleep when it’s…RUSH WEEK! After Jackson Green gave them the run down on which houses belonged to which sororities and fraternities, each went their separate path, looking into the houses that intrigued them or peaked their interest. But during their exploration, a scream rang out amidst the sounds of partying. Chet ran to find out what had happened and discovered that a young lady was bitten by a zombie…or some drunk dude. Meanwhile, Hank and Varya met Steve and his fraternity brothers, who were worried about their friend Mike. Steve and Mike had set up a prank to initiate new students who were rushing that week. They had acted out a seance where Mike faked being possessed, but then after the prank, Mike had disappeared out the window. Hank and Varya looked through the rooms, but found no evidence of real witchcraft. Police arrived on the scene, scaring the entranced Mike away from the scene of the biting, right into Sugar and Zoe.

Zoe, being the kind hearted girl that she is, went up to Mike to see if she could help, only to get grabbed by him. Sugar swiftly kicked Mike in the head, but he stood there, still holding Zoe, unaware of the kick. It wasn’t until Hank ran to her rescue and punched Mike in the face did he release her and fall to the ground, suddenly coming back to reality. Thus, Hank became the “One Punch Wonder” of ETU! As for Mike, he didn’t know anything about the bite or what had happened that night, but still had to be hauled off by the police for the assault.

Dreams continued to haunt their sleep, even through the rough weeks of testing. All made it through unscathed except for Varya, who failed her intro to biology class exam. (Oh no! -2 on your next Testing roll!) They continued to meet with Doctor GlenMac and Jackson and through their conversation they discovered that they were in need of the students help to infiltrate the Raven’s Nest, get some spectral readings, and do a grave speak spell to talk with the spirit that was haunting the Nest. The only problem was that they needed some components in order to do the spell. Gaining sand from a beach (AKA the volleyball team’s outdoor practice court) and cup of alcohol (Varya’s favorite drink of choice) were easily found, but the last item (the brain of a rabid animal) was more difficult to find. Even after they found where to get one, it seemed as if someone else had beat them to it and was collecting items of their own for a spell.

Knowing that there was only one rabid brain that they could find quickly, the group began hunting down the owner of the list, but only found a note on the back of the list that seemed to be the last item needed to complete their spell. They needed a fresh pair of human lungs. The note also said to “hide the cooler behind Justin Dale’s tombstone.” Not wanting to waste time, the team drove out to find the other collector. Nothing was there at first, until screams filled the quiet night. A young lady raced through the tombstones, crying for help, looking beat up and drugged. Our heroes hopped in Sugar’s car to take her to the police station, but all was not as it seemed. Her name was Hazel, and she was the one who was in need of the brain and fresh lungs. Pulling a knife on the group was her first mistake, because who else was in the car but the “one punch wonder” himself, Hank Poorman! With one swift punch (after a small scuffle in the car), Hazel was subdued, taken to the police, and the supplies found in her sorority room.

Sadly, being sidetracked by the lost brain, they didn’t realize that poor Mike was still being zombified every night. Something was still wrong, controlling him every night he went to sleep, so to stop Mike from hurting anyone else, Hank stayed in room with him and helped subdue him. With some hunting and detective skills, they discovered (using the ghost reading device they got from Jackson) that the shrunken head skull was haunted and controlling Mike. With one swift hit from a baseball bat, the skull was crushed and Mike was released from its power.

Now with all the needed components, the students made their way to the Raven’s Nest. With Jackson Green standing guard, the students made their way in to the center of the gym floor. A chill ran through them as whispers filled their ears. The grave speak spell was cast, and right in front of all of them appeared Nina Castle. With a single touch from her hand, every member was shown Nina’s death. Scenes of running from someone, hiding a necklace with a cross in a clamshell in the trophy case, and being burned alive at center court flashed through their minds, and with a single blast, she vanished from sight. Thanks to some research, they knew to look for Nina’s necklace in the 1950s area of the trophy case, and with some swift lock picking and searching, they found the necklace.

As soon as Varya took hold of the necklace, all went dark. No one (including the security guard on duty) could see. Strange jungle sounds filled the air, especially the sound of a jaguar hunting and stalking the group. Things could have gone horribly wrong if they were caught by the guard, but thanks to some quick thinking by Hank, who acted drunk to let everyone else escape, and some quick talking from Sugar, everyone made it out unharmed and un-fined by the university.

Although they now know Nina Castle’s story, they still are left with questions. Who killed Nina? Better yet, why did she need to hide the necklace from her assailant? And is the strange chupacabra still on the loose? Find out next time on ETU: Class of 2020!



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